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Should I see a Chiropractor for my back pain?

Back pain can range in severity and almost everyone has experienced it at some point. If you have been suffering from it for years or struggling to do simple tasks pain free, it might be time to visit a chiropractor.

About back pain

Back pain is one of the most common reasons why a person would take time off work. It can happen suddenly, such as bending down in the wrong direction, lifting something heavy or an accident during exercise. Other people feel their back pain gradually increase over time, particularly if they spend a lot of time sitting or have a job that requires a lot of lifting and bending. Back pain can occur at any age, however it is most common in middle aged adults.

Can a chiropractor help with back pain?

If you are concerned about your back, find it hard to cope with the pain or have been suffering with it for a while, it is worth seeking treatment from a chiropractor. Chiropractors are highly skilled at the treatment and rehabilitation of back pain.

Back pain treatment at Dee Why Chiropractic Care

Firstly, we take an in-depth history of your back pain, we will want to know things like the location of the pain, what makes it worse, when did it start and if this has happened before. We want to understand the nature of your back pain to allow for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

We then do a physical examination to diagnose the exact source of your back pain. Appropriate testing will be done depending on your presentation, which may include postural, movement, orthopedic, functional, neurological and strength testing. 

At the end of your physical examination, we will explain to you our findings and make sure you understand why you are experiencing your back pain. We believe that understanding how and what has happened is the first step to recovery.

Your treatment will be tailored to you. We use a combination of muscle releases, stretches and chiropractic adjustments to target the source of you back pain. You will be prescribed home exercises which aim to complement the treatment done in clinic and get your better faster and prevent a relapse.

If you have any questions regarding your back pain or think we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us or you can book an appointment online.