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List of Common Conditions Seen In Practice

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Low back pain Sciatica Muscular trigger point referral
Neck pain Poor posture Muscle tendonopathy
Mid back pain Headaches Frozen shoulder
Vertebral facet sprain Muscular tears Bursitis
Annular disc tears Peripheral ligament tears Rotator cuff tears
Vertebral disc herniation Tennis elbow Dizziness
Pinched nerves Golfers elbow Ankle sprains
Torticollis Spondylolithesis Piriformis syndrome
Sprained rib joint Osteoporosis Scapular dyskinesia
Poor posture Carpal tunnel syndrome Syndesmosis (high ankle sprain)
Scheuermann’s disease Fibromyalgia Poor motor patterns
Scoliosis Vertigo Proprioceptive loss
Coccydynia (tail bone pain) Knee ligamentous tears Joint instability
Degenerative disc disease (DDD) Post surgery rehabilitation Muscle spasm
Spinal Arthritis Knee meniscus tears Shoulder labral tears
Radiculopathy Avulsion fractures Flat feet
Sacroiliac conditions Runners knee Patellofemoral pain syndrome
Whiplash ITB friction syndrome Wrist Sprains
Migraines Vertebral compression fractures Peripheral nerve entrapment
Elbow Sprains Complex regional pain syndrome Shin splints

Above is a table of common conditions we see in clinical practice. It is important to note that chiropractic treatment is not limited to the conditions above. If you have a condition that is not on the list and are wondering whether chiropractic can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us.