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A strong core protects you from back pain

Having a strong core has many benefits and at Dee Why Chiropractic Care we emphasise its importance. If you have a weak core you are prone to back pain and postural changes. The core is the body’s powerhouse, it is responsible for protecting your internal organs, facilitates movement and protects your spine and nervous system.

Advantages of having a strong core:
Limits early degeneration of the spine

Having a strong core protects the spine from premature degeneration, limiting the chances of conditions such as sciatica, disc herniations and osteoarthritis.

A strong core prevents injuries and back pain 

The core protects the spine, and without its support more pressure is placed on joints, ligaments and muscles that may lead to injuries.

You lift things everyday. Whether it is a box, your handbag or picking up your child. A strong core will make lifting easier and will help you avoid injury!

Protects internal organs and spinal cord

Your abs protects the vital organs that lay beneath them from direct trauma.

A strong core offers support to the spine and in doing so also protects or spinal cord and nerves!

Limits low back pain when sitting

If we develop a strong core it will add increased stability to structures in the low back and other body parts when we sit.

Great for Posture

When you have a strong core you can stand and sit straight a lot easier!

Having a weakened core will create a forward tilt in the pelvis, creating muscle imbalances and postural changes.

Good posture oozes confidence and takes pressure off the spine!

At Dee Why Chiropractic Care

We understand why having a strong core is important in maintaining good spinal health and injury prevention. For that reason, at Dee Why Chiropractic Care we incorporate core-strengthening exercises for patients recovering from injury and undergoing postural rehabilitation. 

If your are suffering from low back pain and want advice on how to improve your core strength, don’t hesitate to contact us