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If you have poor posture you might be suffering from tight shoulders, low back pain and headaches… Sometimes all. The good news is at Dee Why Chiropractic we can treat these symptoms and also improve your posture.

When we have good posture, the spine is in its strongest position and there is little stress on spinal joints and muscles.

Poor postural habits lead to changes in our spinal alignment.

Do you find yourself slouching right now? Have you noticed people on the bus looking down at their phone? These are examples of activities that contribute to poor posture. Our posture is a reflection of our lifestyle!

Sitting with good posture vs slouching


What posture do you have?

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Understanding your posture at Dee Why Chiropractic Care

We make understanding your posture easy by taking a digital posture photo.

This posture photo sets the blueprint for the home exercises and treatments to be used to correct your posture. We take the time to go through the results of your posture scan, as we believe the best results comes from firstly understanding your posture.

It’s always great to see improvements in your posture and we do subsequent postural photos to track your progress.

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