Posture problems that respond well to our treatment

  1. Head shifted forward
  2. Rolled in shoulders
  3. Hunched and stiff mid back
  4. Increased arch in your low back
  5. Forward tilting hips
  6. Winging shoulder blades

Bad posture increases pressure on particular parts of your body, and over time can lead to pain or injury. Conditions such as neck or lower back pain and headaches are commonly linked to bad posture.

When you start to see your posture get worse there is a high chance there is going to be alignment changes in your spine, that could lead to premature decay of your spinal joints.

Do you have a tendency to slouch when you sit or stand? Or see yourself in a photo and notice how bad your posture is? Do you feel like your posture is getting worse? These are some of the reasons people come to visit us, because posture is something you can definitely improve. 

Sitting with good posture vs slouching

What posture do you have?

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Posture treatment at Dee Why Chiropractic Care

Postural treatment focuses on correcting spinal joint misalignments and any muscle imbalances that have caused your postural changes.

We make understanding your posture easy by taking a digital posture photo, that will show any muscle imbalances and alignment changes in your spine. We will take the time to go through the results of your postural scan, as understanding your posture is the first step to correcting it. 

As your posture continues to improve we can take follow up photos that can be compared to your initial posture photo to track your progress. 

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