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You know when you see a person with good posture. They stand up nice and tall and they have a positive presence about them. You then notice someone with poor posture; they are typically hunched over and in most cases are suffering from either tight shoulders, low back pain and headaches… Sometimes all.

When we have good posture, the spine is in its strongest position and there is limited stress on spinal joints and muscles.

Poor postural habits lead to changes in our spinal alignment resulting in muscular imbalances and poor posture.

Do you find yourself slouching right now? Have you noticed people on the bus looking down at their phone? These are examples of activities that contribute to poor posture. Our posture is a reflection of our lifestyle!

Sitting with good posture vs slouching


What posture do you have?

The effects of poor posture:

Poor posture increases stress on your spinal joints and the nervous system. Over time conditions such as back pain, headaches and early degeneration of the spinal joints can occur.

The head is heavy, approximately 4-5 kilograms. When you have good posture you head is balanced over you shoulder and it takes little to support it. However, with poor posture the head is translated forward in front of your shoulders and it puts a lot of extra strain on the neck and shoulder joints and muscles. At Dee Why Chiropractic Care we commonly see people complaining of chronic shoulder tightness and recurring headaches as a result of their poor posture.

When we have good posture our joints move effortlessly because anatomically they have a great relationship with each other. Poor posture effects the mobility of our joints because it alters the mechanical relationship our spinal joints have with each other, resulting in a reduction in movement and stiffness. 

Posture and our Nervous System

The nervous system is responsible for every function in the human body; its what keeps us alive! The spine’s major role is to protect the nervous system, specifically the spinal cord, which then sends out nerves to control our body.

Poor posture can lead to increased tension on the spinal cord and nerves. Spinal degeneration as a result of poor posture can cause bulging discs and arthritic bone spurs that can impinge the spinal cord and nerves, causing conditions such as sciatica, muscle weakness and wasting.

Understanding your posture at Dee Why Chiropractic Care

We make understanding your posture easy by taking a digital posture photo.

This posture scan sets the blueprint for the home exercises and treatment plan that we use to correct your posture. We take the time to go through the results of your posture scan, as we believe the best results comes from firstly understanding your posture.

It’s always great to see improvements in your posture and for that reason we do side by side comparisons to track your progress.