When people first injure themselves they don’t know who to see. Most of them head straight to their GP or run down to the chemist and pop a few painkillers to get pain relief.

Chiropractors are known as spine specialists however we are not limited to the spine. We cater for disorders of the musculoskeletal system including sports injuries, postural rehabilitation and repetitive strain injuries.

Every chiropractor you will see will have undertaken at least five years of university training to be proficient at the diagnosis and treatment of the musculoskeletal injuries.

Whether you come in for a quick check-up on your posture or are suffering from something more complex such as disc herniation or impinged nerves, a Chiropractor will complete a thorough case history and examination to reveal the real cause of your pain.

Don’t be the person that asks DR Google why they are in pain, you will just end up causing yourself a great deal of stress… leave the diagnosing to the professionals.

We believe the first step to wellness is understanding how this has happened in the first place; that’s why we sit down with you and make sure you know exactly how it has happened, what is injured and how to get it better!

At Dee Why Chiropractic Care we encompass a multidisciplinary approach when treating your condition. We utilise an array of techniques to release tight muscle tissue such as dry needling, muscle stripping and active releases in addition to chiropractic adjustments to get you out of pain as fast as possible.

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